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The Right Time

Do you give out information about how to sign up for a library card to people who are already library members? The information is a little too late… Do you set up book displays about gardening andĀ barbecuingĀ in February? If you want library patrons to care about the information you’re communicating, be sure to share it … Continue reading

The Right Media

Are you still using a card catalogue? Of course not! People browse for books online. Not on Facebook? You should be! That’s where your library patrons are. It doesn’t matter how much money you pour into graphic design, printing and advertising. If you aren’t communicating through the right media, you can practically ensure your target … Continue reading

The Right Information

Does your library user guide look like the Bible? Does your signage look like a puzzle? When it comes to information more isn’t always better. Quite the opposite, too much information dilutes your message and practically ensures your patrons won’t read it. How do we better communicate with library patrons? Are we sharing information in … Continue reading

Make Marketing a Priority @ Your Library

Every now and then, libraries start thinking about marketing. We get excited about promoting our services, meeting the needs of our patrons, and competing in the digital era. Then, we reflect on all the items in our inbox, we consider our priorities… Though we’re all well intentioned, marketing inevitably ends up near the bottom of … Continue reading