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Choose Your Own Adult Adventure

Disclaimer: This post may not be appropriate for all audiences. It is intended for adults with a sense of humour only!

Following the post 10 Oft-Overlooked Storytelling Methods, a friend of mine asked to find out more about the rather prolific genre of Choose Your Own Adventure erotica. With the idea of surprising a family member by slipping a seemingly innocuous paperback in her Christmas stocking, my friend was in search of a few book suggestions. In true librarian fashion, I was glad to help, and learn more about this overlooked genre of fiction.

Have I peaked your curiosity? Read on. Consider yourself warned: I do not guarantee the quality of these books. In fact, some have received quite terrible reviews. The degree of eroticism may vary. Check out GoodReads.com for an idea of the plot and level of explicitness (where you will find most, though not all, of these titles).

For the Ladies

Tangle in Tijuana by Lila and Nora Zuckerman
(buy new from Amazon.com or used from Indigo or Amazon.ca)

Beauty Queen Blowout by Lila and Nora Zuckerman
(buy new from Amazon.com – on backorder – or used from Indigo or Amazon.ca)

The Classics Professor by Michael Hemmingson and Mary Anne Mohanraj
(buy used from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca)

Kathryn in the City by Mary Anne Mohanraj
(buy used from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, also available on Kobo)

Night of a Thousand Boyfriends by Miranda Clarke
(buy used from Amazon.comIndigo or Amazon.ca)

Take Me There by P.F. Kozak
(buy new from Amazon.com or Indigo or used from Amazon.ca)

Pretty Little Mistakes  by Heather McElhatton
(buy new from Indigo or Amazon.ca or used from Amazon.com)

Whatever You Want by Rachel Timms and Laurence Hayes
(buy new from Amazon.com or Indigo – on backorder – or used from Amazon.ca)

For the Gentlemen

Big Night Out by Lorraine Freeney and Tara McCarthy
(buy used from Amazon.caIndigo or Amazon.com)

Beer, Women and Bad Decisions by Shawn Harris
(buy new from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com)

Behind Closed Doors: An Erotic Adventure in Which You Are the Hero by Alina Reyes
(buy new from IndigoAmazon.ca or Amazon.com)

Gay Fiction

Escape From Fire Island by James H. English
(buy new from IndigoAmazon.ca or Amazon.com)

Not erotic, but funny!

You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero by Bob Powers
(buy used from IndigoAmazon.ca or Amazon.com)

The Terrible, Horrible Temp-to-Perm Debacle by Bob Powers
(buy new from IndigoAmazon.ca – on backorder – or Amazon.com)

Zombies (also not erotic, but funny!)

Texas Biker Zombies From Outer Space by Etienne Guerin DeForest
(buy new from Amazon.com or used from Amazon.ca)

Zombocalypse Now by Matt Youngmark
(buy new from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com or used from Indigo)



About Kayleigh Felice

I am a 20-something public librarian trying to find my footing as I start my career, take on new challenges, and enter adulthood (whatever that means). I live in Ontario, and I work for the Gatineau Municipal Library in Québec. Disclosure: The views expressed in this blog are solely my own, not those of my employer.


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