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Make Marketing a Priority @ Your Library

Every now and then, libraries start thinking about marketing. We get excited about promoting our services, meeting the needs of our patrons, and competing in the digital era. Then, we reflect on all the items in our inbox, we consider our priorities… Though we’re all well intentioned, marketing inevitably ends up near the bottom of … Continue reading

Comiccon de Montr√©al 2011

I somewhat unexpectedly ended up going to Montreal’s Comic Con this weekend. I have to say, the first thing that struck me was the sheer number of people (a few thousand at least) patiently waiting in line with big grins on their faces. (When was the last time you stood in a long line and … Continue reading

Public Libraries in Quebec

If you, like me, use a library in a predominantly English-speaking city, attended a library school outside Quebec, and read library journals (and blogs) in English, then it will probably come as a surprise to you that public libraries in Quebec are any different than public libraries in the rest of Canada. So here are … Continue reading

Guilty as charged: I don’t live in the community my library serves

Should a public librarian live in the community she serves? The obvious answer seems to be, Yes, a librarian should live in the community she serves. If so, I am guilty. I don’t live in the community I serve. I live across the river, in very a different city, in a very different province¬†(more on … Continue reading